To Sue Holmes, Art Therapist: you brought me safely through a strenuous journey.  Impressions K Spivey 2017

“Art Therapy Yorkshire are delivering an unrivalled creative therapy service to our community. We have supported many of our service users to become involved with the service and the benefits have been outstanding. We are really excited to support the new service and look forward to continuing working with Sue and team on promoting their valuable organisation.”        CEO SWR MIND

“Its making such a huge positive impact on my life and hence the lives of my children! I cannot possibly repay you so I will do my best to pay it forward.”  1-1 client

”Keep up the valuable work – one wall in particular spoke to me”    ”Super therapy – what a great display”

”I’ve run out of superlatives – phew – work space people” ” exuberant and uplifting”  No Labels Exhibition 

“It’s brought me out of my shell, I feel a bit more confident and it has helped me meet new people”.

” Being able to connect with people & being able to express myself through my artwork”.

” I felt comfortable in the group to talk about my previous problems”.

“I am convinced how important creative expression is, I have changed in that I no longer feel it is a luxury. I know it is an essential for me, and I don’t feel guilty”. Group Members 

“I was offered 6 weeks art therapy with Art Therapy Yorkshire. By week 5 I was able to paint a picture of my obsessive thoughts and actually visualise hope for the first time.   I genuinely felt so much better for a while, for the first time for years”.     Client suffering from anxiety, depression and intrusive negative thoughts.

“It has helped me more than I could imagine, as I didn’t know expressing emotions through art could have such a powerful effect”.   “I feel more confident to try new things such as confronting fears, express negative emotions and to overcome anxiety and disassociative states”.