Art of Gold Monday’s exhibition

All the artworks in this exhibition have been created by individuals who have engaged with ArttherapyYorkshire’s Art of Gold Monday’s group.
The aim of this exhibition is to offer those involved the opportunity to showcase their creative abilities and willingness to share ideas and different approaches using creativity to develop confidence, self
esteem and general well-being. Art of Gold is an art therapy group of supported individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities.
Art of Gold meet on Monday’s and have for several years. Over the years the group has evolved, though the purpose of the group has remained, to support and develop self esteem, self confidence and to share experiences. Using the art materials, members can explore and share new skills with
the group. Art of Gold would like to share a selection of the artwork produced by the current six group members. These members have given consent for their artwork to be displayed and would like to share
their names with the audience. ArttherapyYorkshire and Art of Gold hope you enjoy this small exhibition.