Current and Historic work

Please contact us if you would like to discuss joining a group, or require further information – unless stated *otherwise all work is delivered free of charge.

New for 2019   to be announced

 Co-op Community fund  –  WCJ  group                                   Awards for All  newly structured womens group                High Sheriffs Dragons Den -Two Ridings- Mens group                  #iwill -Two Ridings young persons group with SASH     Garfield Weston Foundation 1-1 art therapy       

This year so far …

  • ActionTowards Inclusion ATY are delivery partners on this 3 year project. Working with your keyworker you will be able to access a range of services designed to promote social inclusion and employment  in the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP area. Please contact us or Your Consortium ltd for information on keyworkers and eligibility. 
  • Awards For All. Our A4A womens group is back – Friday afternoons 1-3.15 A lively social creative space for women affected by trauma in their lives. Skill sharing will be a new aspect this year! ended – 
  • Art of Gold- Mondays  An established therapeutic art group for supported adults with learning disabilities. This is designed around the requirements of adult men and women with conditions around Autism,  Monday mornings, 10.30 to 12    £5 per session   one place available  
  •  *Art Therapy in Schools and Education... our specialist programme for schools in our region.
  •  *Delivery to all year groups at a North Yorkshire primary school on Art Therapy – relaxation-concentration-wellbeing
  • *Art Therapy with LAC and those with their new families. If you have a professional interest in these areas please contact us for further information and to arrange a meeting.
  • Individual 1-1 art psychotherapy please ask for costs. an introductory meeting is free of charge, Funded spaces are available now please ask.

   Please do view the posters in our Gallery below –  both historic and current.

 June 2017 – June 2018

  • ActionTowards Inclusion  delivery partners.
  • ArtTalking Women’s group2 . ESF CG4 funding provided AT to women over 18 not in work.
  • Awards For All.  women’s group  Friday afternoons A lively social creative space for women affected by trauma in their lives. Skill sharing will be a new aspect this year!
  • Arts for Change  Art Therapy for those affected through their work in a uniformed/caring role  
  • *Monday is Art Day An established therapeutic art group for supported adults with learning disabilities.
  • Arttalking2  Our Art Therapy group with a focus on those experiencing social isolation.
  • ArtTalkingPlus part of NYCC Innovation fund
  • *Speaking engagements –  CU  Scarborough to deliver to their level 3 & 4 counselling students.
  •  *Art Therapy in Schools and Education    
  •    Individual 1-1

June 2016-June 2017

  • Action Towards Inclusion Intervention partner.
  • ArtTalkingPlus  Part of NYCC Innovation Fund. 
  • ArtTalkingWomen’s group. Awards for All 
  • Exhibition in the Southlink Corridor, Scarborough Hospital.
  • Arttalking2  our community Art Therapy group.
  • CU delivery and experiential workshop level 4 counselling students
  •  6th Form College delivery and experiential workshop to Arts and Health & Social Care students
  • University of Hull  achieve programme Summer 2016
  • Mon day is Art Day A therapeutic art group for supported adults. 
  • 1-1 art psychotherapy in conjunction with St. Catherine’s and  Arts For Change 
  •  Art Therapy in Schools and Education -* long standing work 
  • Art Therapy with LAC – * long standing work 
  • Individual 1-1 – * long standing work  

June 2015- June 2016

  • No Labels  Our three day programme of exhibitions and workshops at the Old Parcels Office Scarborough Station, as part of Coastival ’16.
  • ArtTalking 3 groups funded by Awards for All; Supported Adults 20 week group, Women living with the effects of trauma and our Summer Art Club for the Polish community.
  • Paint a Picture with St Catherine’s Hospice Scarborough
  • Monday is Art Day

June 2014 – June 2015

  • ArtWorking our ESFfunded Art Therapy intervention  designed around unemployment and social issues.
  • Introductory, exploratory event in Business Leadership training residential.
  • Studio group in conjunction with Westway Open Arms. ‘Your Choice-Your Vote’ 2014
  • Art and Craft group ‘Spacecraft’ for supported adults. March 2013 to June 2015
  • A monthly support group for women affected by childhood trauma.
  • Our long term art therapy group for older adults. January 2013 to Feb 2015

June 2013 – June 2014

  • Development Workshop – “Being Creative in Business” for Hull University Business School October 2013.
  • Group art therapy sessions for adults with learning disabilities funded by Co-operative Community Fund,
  • The Art For Everyone project, funded by Awards for All.
    •  Art therapy group for members of the Latvian Community in Scarborough.
    •  Art therapy group for adults with learning difficulties.
    • Art therapy group in conjunction with HOPE Scarborough.
    • A series of weekend art therapy workshops for women identifying with trauma and disassociation.

June 2012 – June 2013.

  • 10 week themed art therapy programme for persons in early stage dementia.
  • Inpatient hospital – group art therapist women’s ward.
  • Five week block at EMS school.
  • Group for counselling students.
  • Art Therapy Day workshops.
  • Workshop for faith leaders.