Welcome to Art Therapy Yorkshire

Art Therapy Yorkshire is a Scarborough based registered charity, reg no.1169577, working locally and in the wider region. We currently have five trustees, and welcome inquiries around widening our trustee base or membership.

We aim to provide Art Psychotherapy to children, young people and adults either from our studio base in Scarborough or our mobile therapy service throughout the surrounding area. To further that work we are now on the Approved Providers list which enables us to offer provision within the NYCC Pathways to Adoption service.

ATY is thrilled to confirm our continued participation in the Action Towards Inclusion programme as a specialist intervention partner.  Now extended to a six year project, this is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund and is managed by Your Consortium Ltd  in Knaresborough.

We work together with other service providers, schools, voluntary and charitable organisations to improve standards of mental health in our area. We address social exclusion by making applications for funding to enable us to work with vulnerable members of society who otherwise could not afford a therapy intervention.
We at ATY are very keen to widen our membership, so  if you hold the same values, believe in what we do, and wish to further our work, please contact us at contact@arttherapyyorkshire.org.uk.

Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy is a recognised, regulated, psychological therapy which uses all types of art materials to help express thoughts and feelings. Clients do not need to have any previous art experience or talent as an artist; the therapy is about communicating thoughts and emotions through different images and objects, and not about creating a work of art to hang on the wall.

COSTS Please note we are constantly seeking funding in order to be able to continue to offer individuals and groups therapy free of charge. Wherever possible this is our aim. Please do feel able to ask what is available – funding is ever changing but if we can, we are committed to be able to offer free or low cost interventions particularly to those who self refer. We have suggested  £5 voluntary donation scheme in place for those receiving our funded service .

If however you wished to engage a therapist privately, or for a longer period, we would charge £55 per hourly individual session at our studio.

Organisations…Please feel free to contact us for costs and quotations for individual or specific group work which could be  in our studio, in a specific location, or in your school setting.  We are able to tailor special one-off group art workshops for adults and young people with specific challenges, please contact us for further information.   Work in schools and in specific settings will be at a rate agreed with the commissioning body, but at a competitive rate.We follow the sessional fee guidelines set out by our professional association BAAT. To ensure best practice we engage two therapists per group.


We offer trainee art therapist placements in conjunction with The Northern Programme Sheffield. Placements are arranged through them only. We are unable to offer any other work experience or voluntary posts, owing to the sensitive & confidential nature of the work. For information on training to be an Art Therapist contact https://www.baat.org/


‘Art Therapy Yorkshire are delivering an unrivalled creative therapy service to our community. We have supported many of our service users to become involved with the service and the benefits have been outstanding. We are really excited to support the service and look forward to continuing working with Sue and the team on promoting their valuable organisation.’ Sophie Hall, CEO SWR MIND

It has helped me more than I could imagine, as I didn’t know expressing emotions through art could have such a powerful effect. I feel more confident to try new things such as confronting fears, express negative emotions and to try and overcome anxiety and disassociate states.”

To Sue Holmes, Art Therapist: you brought me safely through a strenuous journey.. Impressions K Spivey 2017